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The goal of these Web Pages is to give the general public basic information about the developing hospice movement in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The hospice ideas were slowly implemented after revolution in 1989 in both countries. The idea of hospices has been completely new for general public. The respective health care legislation has not changed yet as it should be. There are not enough funds available from governments agencies, non-profit organizations or among individuals, to satisfy the needs of hospices nor to build new ones.

The first hospice in the Czech Republic was put in to the operation in 1996. Several others have been built since then. In Slovakia there is no hospice in operation yet although several of them ought to be open in 2000-1.

We are sorry but our pages are only in Czech and Slovak at this time.

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Hospices' dictionary
If you would like to comment on any of the features of the hospice activities in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. The administrator of these web pages would also appreciate any suggestions on how to further improve the design and information stated here. After legal establishment of the Children Kizak Foundation (supporting mainly hospice movement, broken families and their reunion, EU and UN recommendations and legislations in this respect) the administration will be passed on the foundation.

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